Emily Soto Workshop Paris 2015

This workshop is quite a starting point for me to my film photography exploration since it was my first real fashion shoot to be both digital and analog. I inherited just a few days before of my Rolleiflex and my Bronica from my grand-father and father. But couldn’t bring it because they were out for repairs. So I took a Canon AE1 and an Olympus OM2n and shot some rolls Ilford Delta and HP during the workshop. In addition we had the occasion to shoot some Fuji FP-3000 which was just discontinuited a few months before. And also some Impossible Project Polaroid (600). 

Great time with an amazing team ! Hereafter is the full shoot.

Credits :

Models : Jessica & Anne-Claire | MUA : Caroline Madison | Stylist : Yanina Nikitina

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Shot with film : 

Shot digital : 

And some Backstage ;) 

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